Our Story

The Rutgers Club of Southern California, founded in 1947 is one of the oldest Rutgers Alumni Clubs in the country. Since its founding, the club has sought to bring SoCal Rutgers alumni together through outings, meetings, and events, as well as maintain and strengthen their university connection by fostering feelings of Rutgers community and pride. We may be far from our beloved Alma Mater, but the Rutgers Club of Southern California aims to make that distance feel smaller by keeping the Rutgers spirit alive and well in SoCal.

All Rutgers alumni within Southern California, minus San Diego, are considered participants in our club.

(Link to the San Diego club here: http://www.rutgersclubsd.net/).


Our Board


Class: Rutgers College, 1981

Rutgers Graduate School, 1983

Rutgers Law School, 1986


Leslie Baker


Class: Rutgers School of Engineering, 2010

Rutgers Graduate School, 2015

Favorite Thing About Time at Rutgers:
Attending the Rutgers Football games including the Louisville football game in 2006 when Rutgers came back to win with Ito's famous winning field goal kick.  Eating fat sandwiches on campus was my favorite food on campus. 


Jacob Quick

IMG_20190420_102623 (2).jpg

Class: Graduate School NB, 2012

Favorite Thing About Time at Rutgers: Favorite Thing About Time At Rutgers: Proposing to my now wife at Passion Puddle.

Communications Chair

Rahul Potera

ad beach2_edited.jpg

Class: Rutgers School of Arts and Sciences, 2011

Favorite Thing About Time at Rutgers:

The Rutgers Football tailgates! Great times, and the great close friendships I made and still hold today.

Social Chair

Social Sub-Chair, Orange County

Anthony Daniele


Favorite Thing About Time at Rutgers: My time as wrestling team captain.

Social Sub-Chair, San Fernando Valley

Lou Trygar



Social Sub-Chair, San Gabriel Valley & Inland Empire


Alan Davis.jpg

Class: Rutgers College, 1968

Vice President

Past President (2012-17)

Alan Davis


Class: Rutgers Newark College of Arts of Sciences, 1986

Favorite Thing About Time at Rutgers: Many of us were paying attention and noticing a turning of the tables and an embracing by the university of the diversity that generations prior often denied existed. Rutgers-Newark is exemplary in that it was and continues to be a true melting pot of languages, heritages, cultures, races, religions, and serves a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Recording Secretary

Neda Farid


Class: Rutgers Newark College of Arts and Sciences, 1963 & 1967

Favorite Thing About Time at Rutgers: as the 4 years  I spent on the Varsity Cheerleading Squad for RU Basketball, 2 of those years as Co-captain. Oh those splits I could do then. I think I still have my Varsity cheerleading jacket!

Past President

Lana Sternberg


Class: Rutgers College, 2006

Favorite Thing About Time At Rutgers: Ken Urban’s Playwriting Workshops

Diversity Chair

Social Sub-Chair, Los Angeles

Richie Bencivenga



Social Sub-Chair, Ventura & Santa Barbara